Hugo Chavez's Venezuelan government has banned Coke Zero from the country and ordered Coca-Cola to remove the beverage from the country at once, citing dangers to the health of its citizens.

Reports Reuters:

Health Minister Jesus Mantilla said the zero-calorie Coke Zero should no longer be sold and stocks of the drink removed from store shelves.

"The product should be withdrawn from circulation to preserve the health of Venezuelans," the minister said in comments reported by the government's news agency.

Mantilla did not say what health risks Coke Zero, which contains artificial sweeteners, posed to the population.

Ok, we think we know what this is all about—Anyone who has tried Coke Zero, and we have, knows that it causes horrendous gas, much more so than Pepsi Max, but Pepsi Max unfortunately tastes like Kevin James' jockstrap after a softball doubleheader in Texas during the month of August, so that's not really an option. When it comes to diet soft drinks, it's hard to go wrong with Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Mountain Dew (Which is fabulous with vodka during late night blogging sessions by the way!), but ultimately there is no better diet soft drink than Fresca. Case closed.

So have yourself a nice Fresca Hugo. You'll feel like your on a tropical beach being fanned with palmetto leaves by topless mermaids. Trust us on this one.

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