One of the things we've been waiting all day to see in the aftermath of the shooting today at the Holocaust Museum was how the conservatives would spin the incident. Now, thanks to Glenn Beck and Debbie Schlussel, we know.

First off, Beck went on his show tonight and performed perhaps the most stunning feat of pulling one out of the old anus in the history of stunning pulling one out of the ole anus feats. Beck, with a straight face mind you, looked into the camera and said that America as it stands today is a "boiling pot" fueled by extremists groups like Al Qaeda and 9/11 truthers who are sowing the seeds of extremism and hatred in this country. Then, still with a straight face, Beck also warned his viewers that more violence is likely to come in the future, that "more nutjobs are going to coming out of the woodwork now," that all of this is part of the "perfect storm" he's been trying to warn everyone about, a "perfect storm" which will result in a "witchhunt" that will focus on two groups of people. Can you guess who they might be?

Jews and—Conservatives!

Beck, like the true reptilian coward he is, doesn't make mention, much less offer an apology for, the lunacy he's been promoting over the radio and television airwaves over the years, lunacy that directly feeds the derangement of people like James von Brunn, inflammatory rhetoric he's been spewing about America turning into a totalitarian communist regime under Obama, the New World Order, Mexicans pouring over our borders to take our jobs and rape our children, FEMA concentration camps, ACORN rigging an American Presidential election for Obama, that dark, powerful, unseen forces are controlling the American economy, how liberals might to assassinate him—We could go on and on and on. There's truly no end with this clown.

We wonder how the executives at Fox are sleeping tonight in the aftermath of the Holocaust Museum shooting. Certainly there's got to be at least one person in power working there in possession of a active conscience and a brain with enough of a capacity for abstract thought as to be able to connect the dots between the types of things Glenn Beck says on the air and the violent domestic extremism we've seen on the rise lately. There just has to be. And we would hope that such a person would have the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say that this sort of madness needs to stop, that it destroys what little credibility the Fox News brand holds as a news organization to have this sort of maniacal charlatan identified as one of the network's stars. Then again, maybe we're a bit too hopelessly idealistic to believe such a person exists over there.

Anyway, here's Beck's utterly nauseating act from today. It opens with part of his "The One Thing" address about the Holocaust Museum shooting and ends with his asking a former CIA agent to confirm that the 9/11 truthers are the ones who inspired James von Brunn.

Finally, there's Ann Coulter wannabe Debbie Schlussel, last heard from making Sonia Sotomayor/JLo jokes. Here's what she said about what happened at the Holocaust Museum:

It is because of Muslims—who are the biggest contributor to the worldwide rise in anti-Semitism to Holocaust-eve levels—that neo-Nazis feel comfortable—far more comfortable!—manifesting their views about Jews. Until 9/11 and our resulting new tolerance for Islam, the neo-Nazi types were marginalized and howling at the wind. We know who has been targeting Jewish museums and centers affiliated with Jews in recent years. And it hasn't been, in general, 89-year-old White guys.

Mr. Von Brunn has been on this planet for 89 years, and he didn't feel comfortable shooting up a Holocaust museum until now—this new era of "tolerance," in which we must tolerate the most extremist Muslim behaviors and sentiments. It's, in general, not 89-year-old White guys telling people at churches worldwide and in religious schools that the Jews are the devil incarnate, a filthy tribe, the sons of pigs and monkeys, subhuman, etc.

No, it's guys with names like Mohammed and Ahmed on our own American streets who make Mr. Von Brunn far more at ease in 2009 than he was even in 1999 to attack places associated with the Jews. They created the comfort zone for James W. Brunn to engage in today's shooting.

Moreover, not only do White supremacists and neo-Nazis work with Muslims in many, many documented cases and investigations. But they are basically one and the same. The only difference is that one guy is named James and the other guy is named Ahmed. And the former only has a few thousand discredited, marginalized compatriots.

Whereas the latter has over a billion followers and a U.S. President kissing their collective ass.

So there you go. It's the new era of tolerance that inspired a neo-nazi to murder a black guy in the course of trying to shoot up a Jewish museum. You try to figure this one out, because we sure as hell can't.