To feel like a big, happy family, Google used to take everyone on an annual ski trip. The company grew so big it switched last year to Disneyland. This year, though, the All-Google trip is dead.

It turns out the rumor circulating during Internet Week (and surfaced by Business Insider) is true: There will be no 2009 companywide trips to Disneyland or anywhere else, we hear.

The internet giant has been in contraction mode, laying off employees and cutting costs at its sprawling corporate campus.

But Google will pay for individual business units to take group retreats, an insider tells us, helping mitigate the loss of all-Googler revelry. After Googlers went stir-crazy at the local airport where they were standed during last year's trip, the company may have decided rounding up hordes of programmers for a vacation simply wasn't worth the headaches.

In any case, if employees are to survive in an increasingly hardbitten environment, it's probably best they grow up as quickly as they can. And mouse ears are so early 2008.

(Pic: Googlers line up for a group shot at Disneyland last year, by Matt Pagel on Flickr)