Who taught 89-year-old neo-Nazi killer James Von Brunn how to use the internet? Isn't it weird how much of a net presence he had, for a century-old lunatic? We have his (surprisingly postmodern) art and his weird forum posts.

As we mentioned, Von Brunn was a painter. Just like Hitler! But the one example of his work that we have (which is no longer for sale at AskArt.com) is, uh, interesting. It is a amalgam of Fragonard's The Reader and Picasso's Woman With a Book. A clever recontexulaization of classics by Renaissance and Modernist masters! By a 89-year-old White Supremacist who just killed a man at the Holocaust Museum!

A much more likely internet archive find from Mr. Von Brunn: an insane, rambling, copy-pasted post on some random forum about how Barack Obama has not shown us his birth certificate—a story familiar to readers of World Net Daily, one of those sites that was so outraged when DHS suggested right-wing nuts might be dangerous.

But yes, Von Brunn was leaving his full name, all over the internet, spreading his nutty views, like a common Craigslist killer. It's just weird. Is every comment section troll actually secretly a violent old racist? We just thought they were regular racists.