What's crazy Representative Michele Bachmann up to, these days? Oh, just saying crazy things, in Congress, where she is an elected representative of the people, and a legislator. Today: America is like "the commercial movie 'Titanic.'"

Last weekend my family sat down and we were watching the commercial movie "Titanic." And as I was listening to Dr. Burgess from Texas talk about the debt and the burgeoning debt load that the United States takes, once the ice gash came in the side of the Titanic, which we all remember was called the "unsinkable Titanic," we think of the United States. Nothing can possibly sink the United States. We will always be a superpower. But one thing that has kept us a superpower has been freedom, free market economists. We are in the process of watching the deconstruction of free market economists before our very eyes, something we have never seen. But as the ice ripped that hole in the Titanic, water started being taken on, and the engineer came out and brought the blueprint of the Titanic. Water came into the first chamber, spilled over to the second, spilled over to the third, and by the time it filled up so many chambers, it was over. It was impossible to resurrect that ship.

Of course she also gave a second speech on the floor that same day complaining about America's "gangster government," by which she means, I guess, the branches of government that she is not a part of, as a member of Congress.