In the tech world, dominance can be lost with mere clicks, which in turn spring from mere thoughts. Perhaps that's why Google and Yahoo's CEOs are so quickly dismissing Microsoft's new search site, Bing.

Eric Schmidt of Google and Carol Bartz of Yahoo both submitted to interviews with Fox Business Network this week. And they both came across as peeved about having to answer any questions about Microsoft's upstart search engine in the first place. But it's no wonder why they took to the airwaves right as Bing was making it's big publicity push: With fickle user bases that can switch to competing software with the flick of a mouse, mindshare is becoming almost as important to tech companies as it is to celebrities. Hence, Twitter on The View and Oprah Winfrey Show.

In this case, the executives need not worry, as they happen to be right: A five-day ratings blip for Microsoft's Bing is evidence that people sampled the new search engine, not that they're switching.