Hippie-infested Reed College still boasts one of the best naked Slip-n-Slide celebrations in the greater Portland area, but guess what it does not boast, now: poors. Only hippies who can pay $50K a year are allowed!

Reed has been hit by the recession, like everyone, but what they did differently was to allow a reporter to sit in on their budget meetings, foolishly. This year, they regret to inform you that you cannot attend because you are the variety of hippie who does not have wealthy parents:

Too many of the students needed financial aid, and the college did not have enough. So the director of financial aid gave the team another task: drop more than 100 needy students before sending out acceptances, and substitute those who could pay full freight.

What would Reed College semi-alumnus Ry Cooder have to sing about that?! $50,000 may seem like a stupidly high price to pay to attend the type of school that doesn't give grades and forces you to take juggling as a PE class and sends acceptance letters "in haikus by email" and is generally a place where hippies go to smoke herb and eat vegan cafeteria food and work on their motorized couches for the Renn Fayre and join the Reed Kommunal Shit Kollektiv, but look at it this way: it is a stupidly high price to pay. Thank your lucky stars, poors.
[NYT, All about Reed. Typical Reed pic: Flickr]