Current TV reporters Laura Ling and Euna Lee are two days into a 12-year North Korean prison sentence. There's not much to do except wait for Al Gore to save them. In the meantime, have you watched their actual journalism?

Well—Laura Ling is the journalist. She has more than 90 videos under her name on Current's website. Below are two: a report on her visit to a tribe in the Amazon rainforest three years ago, and her latest video, about crime in Juarez. Judging by her assignments—Haiti, Mexico, the seedy side of Vegas—she had an exciting job.

Euna Lee, though, was an editor, who "was taking her first trip on an overseas assignment for the company when she was arrested." Awful luck. The final image of this post is a screen grab of her one and only video on Current's website: a clip of her holding up a Dr. Pepper.