Upcoming autopsy results will say that Kung Fu actor David Carradine did in fact die from autoerotic asphyxiation, the New York Post reports. Not surprising, given his proclivities. But this judgment does not necessarily rule out death by ninja.

Carradine's ex-wife told Radaronline (naturally) that tying himself up was nothing new for the "kinky" Carradine:

Jensen told Radar that she'd often discover her husband nearly naked and bound at the wrists in their bedroom, or in front of the family fireplace.

But she also said that he did not tie himself up for autoerotic masturbation—just to "relax."

Of course, it's not so surprising that he didn't autoerotically masturbate in front of his wife, so her knowledge is probably limited. But just because a coroner rules that he died that way doesn't necessarily rule out the presence of someone else in the room with him—perhaps "secret societies of martial artists" out to do harm to the sensei. So the mystery of Carradine's death endures.

Altogether probably not the way he would have chosen to go out.