As we learned yesterday, Angelina Jolie's dad is a very angry at Barack Obama. Last night, he took his grumpy old man act to the O'Reilly Factor, where he basically called Obama a communist girlie-boy.

On Bill O'Reilly's show Voight insinuated that Kim Jong Il is puffing out his chest because he knows Obama's a pansy-ass, said that he tried to warn everyone about Obama's shady past but nobody would listen, and that the President is a secret marxist. Basically all the same stuff you'd hear Rush Limbaugh state on his show each day, which O'Reilly actually pointed out, though Voight denied listening to Limbaugh's show.

Maybe Voight and noted tax-hater Craig T. Nelson can form some sort of Hollywood bitter old Republican man club and go around the country giving crazy speeches at future tea parties (and you just know there'll be more!) and such.

Also, isn't it funny how the right-wingers always attack "Hollywood liberals" for daring to express their opinions publicly, but then turn around and stampede over each other to stick microphones into the faces of whatever D-list wingnut crawls out from under a rock? Just saying.