Thirty-seven years after Watergate, Bob Woodward is still America's most famous print reporter. But did you know he's one of those "I'm so impartial that I don't vote" reporters? Maybe because of how his last vote worked out:

Woodward says that not only does he lack politics – "You know, over 40 years, you see so many hopes dashed" – he doesn't even vote. The last time he cast a vote, he says, was for Richard Nixon in 1968.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again, Bob Woodward! We always found the idea of political reporters not voting kind of laughable—you have formed no opinion after all that insidery reporting, really? Ha, no. It is a meaningless fictional gesture. But that was only the second-most ridiculous thing Woodward said in this interview:

"In my last conversation with Bush last year, I said to him, ‘I spent all my life trying to preserve my outsider status' . . . You [have] to stay on the outside . . . I had to remind him that I preserve, and fought to preserve' my status as an outsider; some people call me an insider and that's laughable."

Something there is laughable, yes.
[FT. That non-voting bit is news as far as we could tell, but if you find an earlier citation, please send!]