Lock and load, New Yorkers. A terrorist has just entered the island of Manhattan. We also have a pirate here, and Bernie Madoff, cause we are the baddest, yea! But seriously, a terrorist is here, to kill you.

His name is Ahmed Ghailani and he's the first Guantanamo Bay prisoner to be shipped out to stand trial here in the US. They brought him to NYC, the only place where all the residents and their elected representatives are not scared to death to have a jail-withered foreigner locked in their maximum-security prison cell, where he might spark another terrorist plot amongst his cellmates, if he had any.

Ghailani is charged with helping to build one of the bombs that blew up the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, and US officials say he was once Osama Bin Laden's bodyguard. Whether he's convicted or not, he should probably leave New York City as quickly as possible. He'll be okay if he can make it to a Red State, they're terrified of him there.
[Pic: AP]