An employee of Steiff, the company that makes all those ridiculously expensive teddy bears, has accused company CEO Martin Frechen of sexually harassing and raping her. All those photos of him with cuddly stuffed animals can't help his reputation now:

Jane Collins became Frechen's assistant in 2002. Now she's suing him for $80 million:

While they were away at a conference in Plymouth, Mass., Frechen asked Collins to stop at his hotel room to help him with a speech, the suit says, and he tried to force himself on her.

The flustered Collins fled — but the undeterred Frechen asked her later that night if she'd meet him behind a gas station, an offer she declined, the suit says.

A week later, he asked Collins to help him get his wife's car into a storage unit for the trip back to Germany — and when she did, he closed the warehouse door and forced himself on her, the suit says.

He denies the charges. The teddy bears remain silent thus far.
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