Here's Carol Bartz on Fox Business Network, explaining what sets Yahoo apart from Google. For one, the internet company is not all fancy sciencepants and "algothorithic" or "algomorthmic" or whatever. Indeed, it doesn't even know that word.

Bartz's tongue twisting came, unfortunately, as the CEO battles the idea she's unsuited to the job of running Yahoo, since her last company, Autodesk, makes software that runs on personal workstations rather than servers.

We sympathize: The criticism of Bartz's background seems more like thinly-veiled swiping at her age and gender than at anything substantive. Eric Schmidt escaped such second-guessing when he moved from PC software company Novell to running Google.

Fortunately for Bartz, her reputation for verbal aggression should deter critics from making undue hay of her lack of comfort with the word "algorithm."

Highlight above; full interview below.