We thought it sounded like a crock when certain people said the Hamptons this summer was going to be all about "the beach." Just two weekends in, a single social report convinces us the rich are as smug as ever.

Cutesy smart acting couple Claire Danes (she's an Eli!) and Hugh Dancy (he's British!) formally announced their engagement at a Hamptons book party for Jay McInerney last night. "Announced their engagement" according to Guest of a Guest, anyway. The news is actually four months old. But the little Hamptons anecdote is worth noting. Because it makes us feel miserable.

The weather gave an extra Gatsbian feel to the féte who's invite read: "The evening is shaping up in all of its decadent glory with oysters on the half shell, champagne fountains, Hendrick's gin martinis, guests decked out in their best summer whites and a live band with baby grand by Adam Dugas (Citizens Band) and the Fitzgerald Follies. In these times it might seem wrong to be so decadent, but the true spirit of the evening remains the giving and sharing of some of our greatest cultural gifts."

Forget the oysters and "follies," the highlight of the evening was when, under the canopied tents, the intimate crowd was shared some news: Claire and Hugh were officially engaged! Woohoo! There was only one thing left to do at the end of the night…head to Surf Lodge for some reggae and champagne.

So, yeah, forget that whole Hamptons as "a very easygoing, simple place with casual fun - very welcoming, flip-flops, surfers, anyone was welcome to come" thing. The Hamptons as the new Jersey Shore was never going to work anyway, so — just like whatever transpired in the Surf Lodge bathrooms last night — it's probably best for everybody if we just pretend it never happened.

Image via Bauer-Griffin