The years-old, six-story, block-lettered DKNY mural, featuring Lady Liberty, that greeted those headed south down Broadway into Soho has been painted over. Clothing store Hollister (ugh) has moved into the retail space at 600 Broadway, so they want the wall.

The mural was painted in the early 90s, at the height of DKNY's ascendancy, and over the years became less an advertising tool and more of a dramatic everyday icon of downtown Manhattan. Not as memorable or institutional as the tele-screens of Times Square or the Domino Sugar factory over in Williamsburg, sure, but still a visual presence that now cedes to the neighborhood's near-complete suburban mall makeover.

So it's been painted over a drab gray-brown, awaiting a big emblazoned Hollister logo. A beacon calling the youngs in need of pukka and cargo to come and devour.

[top pic via BoweryBoogie, bottom via]