Today it's mostly just casting casting casting, as TV stars make movie moves and movie actors flee to TV. And Elizabeth Gilbert, I mean Julia Roberts, lands the Spaniard of her dreams.

Coffee-voiced Javier Bardem is in talks to join Julia Roberts in the movie adaptation of Eat, Pray, Spend a Lot of Money, Love, Moralize to Poorer Women About Going on Ashrams, Be Treated as Demigod by Oprah. He'd play Roberts' love interest, because in the end of that story the pretty rich lady yes, of course, lands a new man. [Variety]

Good morning, you are old. Malcolm in the Middle, Fox's manic comedy about two frazzled parents and their hellion sons, will be airing on Nick at Nite soon. Which is like hearing 'NSYNC on an oldies station. [Variety]

Neil Patrick Harris, who further endeared with his successful hosting gig at last night's Tonys, has landed two movies. First he'll play chillaxed husband to Bonnie Somerville's crazed wife in The Best and Brightest, about a humble couple who moves to the Upper East Side to get their kids into fancy kindergartens. John Hodgman, Kate Mulgrew, and Amy Sedaris will costar. Then he'll play a blind tutor in that Beastly movie, about a cute kid who gets turned ugly by Michelle Tanner. [THR]

Masi Oka, that novelty act from Heroes, may have a new life as a producer. He successfully pitched his project The Defenders to DreamWorks, where it will be steered by Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci (of Star Trek) and directed by rising star DJ Caruso. The pic is about kids from all around the world who play an online role playing game and don't know each other outside the confines of the intercybercomputer, but when real-life disaster strikes, they must band together and actually talk in person and maybe, hopefully, touch boobs and stuff. [THR]

USA's new irksome-looking series Royal Pains did solid numbers on its premiere night, dragging in 5.3 million viewers. That number is higher than the premieres of other USA hits like In Plain Sight and Burn Notice: The Show Everyone Tells Everyone Else to Watch. [Variety]

Scott Caan and the never-quite-got-there-but-maybe-someday William Fichtner will both do several episodes of HBO's Entourage, a show that needs—please God, please—to be put to bed immediately. Because it's becoming Arli$$. [THR]