In your all wet Friday media column: Hachette figures out how to get money, ABC figures out how to save money, the NYT Co. vows not to lose money, and a website that will not make money:

Hachette has sold five magazines to Bonnier, for less than $5 million total: Popular Photography, Flying, Boating, Sound & Vision and American Photo. Better than dying!

ABC News, which has already canceled all of its newspaper subscriptions, is closing its in-house library and converting it into a "Digital Research Facility." Which we assume means "a computer."

Boston Globe brinksmanship update: the NYT Co. says "Closure is a very real path for the Company to take... The Guild seems to believe it can reject the contract, prevent implementation and thereby force further negotiation. That's not right. Time is of the essence." Accept the god damn contract or die, in other words. Hardball.

Ha, there is a new site, on the internet, called, where companies can pay $100 in order to paste up their logo and brag about how they haven't fired anyone in the past year. So far they have about 30 subscribers. Not too many of which are media companies. [Dark joke about this site laying off their staff].