Earlier this week, we claimed some moron blogger was the first racist to publicly call Sonia Sotomayor "J-Lo" for no reason other than her ethnicity. We were incorrect.

The first person to actually do this was, of course, Imus producer Bernard McGuirk. Even better, it was in the context of a hilarious routine involving a cardinal who speaks in a comical pretend Irish accent, which allows him to "get away" with saying "outrageous" things that "we're all thinking" but wouldn't say aloud because of the "PC police." And the segment began with that hilarious salsa music the Mexicans listen to, in their cars.

We apologize for the error. In the future, when we suspect someone has been the first to make a racially tone-deaf joke about a prominent minority figure, we will make sure to check the Imus archives before reporting it.