The debris and oil slick found floating in the Atlantic yesterday was not from the crash of Flight 447 after all, Brazilian searchers say. They still think they've found wreckage from the crash; ABC News says that's an open question.

Yesterday, the Brazilian military pulled what appeared to be aircraft emergency equipment and luggage pallets from the Atlantic about 400 miles northeast of Brazil's Fernando de Noronha islands. But today, after the Associated Press reported that the Air France flight wasn't carrying wooden luggage pallets, authorities said the debris must have come from another aircraft.

"No material from the flight was removed," Brazilian Air Force Gen. Ramon Cardoso said. "What we saw was debris that belonged to some aircraft that were left behind because we have a priority on the search [for] bodies. But so far, no piece of the aircraft has been found."

They also said that the oil slick found near the debris was too large to have come from the Airbus.

Still, the Brazilians claim that they have spotted a 23-foot-long chunk of fuselage and airline seat from the crash in the same area, but haven't yet pulled them out of the water. ABC News is dubious, saying that "the confusion calls into question whether any of the debris searchers have spotted from the air is from the missing flight."