When Kung Fu simulator David Carradine was found hanged to death in Bangkok hotel room closet Wednesday, suicide was reasonably suspected. But now, evidence seems to be pointing to one of those grisly masturbation accidents:

Carradine, 72, was found naked in a closet in an upscale Bangkok hotel on Thursday with cords around his neck and his genitals. The police are checking DNA found on the cords, but say they found no signs of a struggle, suggesting that Carradine might have either tied himself up or submitted voluntarily to his incapacitation.

Thai police seem to be insinuating that it was one of those choke-yourself-and-masturbate things where then the person slips or whatever and dies (although they're not sure if he was alone or not). Carradine's friends are universally of the opinion that he wouldn't kill himself. A full autopsy is scheduled to come out on Saturday.

Celebrities, please take this to heart: just masturbate in a normal fashion. You all love autoerotic asphyxiation until it kills you. And haven't we already learned the consequences of tying a cord around your genitals?

Update: And, as it turns out, Carradine's ex-wife once accused him of participating in "deviant sexual behavior which was potentially deadly" and of having an "incestuous relationship with a very close family member." Terrific. [TSG]