Yesterday Barack Obama gave his speech in Cairo and the "extremists" at Fox News had plenty of dumb things to say about it, so the Daily Show collected a bunch of clips and proceeded to mercilessly lampoon them last night.

Watching this segment it's hard not to be struck by the maddening pervasiveness of a "they hate us so why is Obama bothering talking to them" attitude at Fox, which Stewart counters by noting that many of these same pundits wrongly thought that we could transform the entire region through military force, yet they now ridicule the idea of having intelligent conversations with the region's people instead. Stewart also notes how these same commentators also believe that Obama's thinking he can make peace between the U.S. and the Muslim world is "pie in the sky" dreaming, failing to remember how a Republican president named Reagan once dared to dream big and befriended Mikhail Gorbachev, leader of the evil Soviets who wanted to blow us off the face of the earth for decades, and together they tore down a little wall and transformed the shape of the world.

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