Did you see Gwyneth Paltrow on the Tonight Show tonight? We just watched it and can't figure out what the hell was going on with her legs in the first segment!

Now we know that there's all sorts of doctoring and prepping that goes on backstage with celebrities before they walk out on stage, so it's likely that Gwyneth or her assistant lathered up her legs good with lotion before she went out, but this was a little over the top. And as noted by blogger Soup, someone must have taken a towel to her in the second segment, as evidenced by the photo on the right in which she's lacking the blinding sheen she had in the first.

Naturally, we turned to Twitter to see what others were saying about all of this, and as of now it seems as though the "lard theory" seems to be taking root.

We just want to make more Goop jokes right now, but we suppose the title filled our quota, so we'll just let this one go.

UPDATE: Here's video of the greasy-leg segment in question.

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Greasy Gwyneth photo via Soup
Tweet via Courtney Reimer's Twitter