The Way We Live Now: Funemployed. That's the new word, really! Does it sort of make you want to get gangsters to dispose of the linguist who coined "Funemployment," then flee to live on a houseboat barge? You're not alone.

Funemployment: when you're unemployed, but it's fun! This is in contrast to "Unemployment," which is when you're unemployed and forced into prostitution in order to buy flour. No such worries for the funemployed!

Since being laid off as Yahoo Music's director of user experience design, Van Gorkom said he has purchased a laptop and started shopping for a new couch, "which my dad doesn't understand." As he spends money, his father is nervously asking Van Gorkom whether he needs any money.

We recommend funemployment for everyone! As long as you have a benefactor who's a steady stream of cash. If not, well, you have to use the power of positive thinking. The Gotti family did it, and they get to keep their house! A bunch of NYC hippies chose to believe in fate, and now they get to live on a self-sufficient boat-barge for the next five months, drinking rainwater and pedaling a bicycle to generate enough electricity to read by the fading light of one rusty bulb! And hey, funemployment is no barrier to buying yourself a home in Greenwich any more—they're practically giving them away! Mel Gibson's mansion, for example, is down to $29.75 million.

Ask your dad to spot you.