Yesterday, Kevin Maher—the ex-husband to real "coke whore" of New Jersey Danielle Staub, told Star that his ex-wife was a "nymphomaniac" who "claimed that she had been with numerous celebrities." Which celebrities? Star didn't name names. We will.

Maher told Gawker that Staub claimed to have slept with Don Johnson. Which pretty much makes sense, given Maher's accounts of coke-fueled orgies in Miami in the late 1980s. Miami Vice shot on location there, and the woman Maher describes —the bisexual "paid escort" and stripper who was "messed up on cocaine"—certainly sounds like the type who might find a way to snuggle up to a nearby TV star.

We asked Johnson about the claim—like he'd remember!—and here's what he said:

Not every guy who drove a Ferrari and didn't shave was me.

So true. It could just as easily have been Philip Michael Thomas.