Today we have a backsliding young starlet, the reappearance of that awful mother who leaves cocaine around the house for her kids to find, and a reality star/couple who as all their moves planned out.

1) "Which rehabbed starlet is back in the tangled web of getting drunk every night?" [NYDN]

2) "I hate giving out pet names to people in the blind items because the next thing you know I will be writing like Ted Casablanca and getting my four remaining hairs bleached. However, since this is a third appearance for Coke Mom that will be her name from now until the end of time. In our previous adventures of Coke Mom she has left out coke for her child to sample. (Accidentally) Coke mom has also hoovered her way through piles of coke with another Coke Mom. (Coke Mom 2) Anyway, at an event on Monday night Coke Mom was overheard saying the following. I kid you not. 'I am getting old. I really want to try for another baby, but for some reason my husband doesn't want to.' Well of course he doesn't want to. I am more shocked that he hasn't filed for divorce yet and have no idea why not. Oh. The topper. Coke Mom made about 8 trips to the bathroom in an hour." [CDaN]

3) "Who is contributing drama to a reality show on a carefully orchestrated schedule? This person/couple clearly has no problem at all sacrificing reputation for money. We have actually seen the rough schedule they have worked out to impart drama at key times to keep the bloggers chatting, to keep ratings high, and to raise their payout for this and (hopefully) future ventures. It's totally designed to drag out this period of fame as long as possible, and orchestrated to stimulate waves of outrage and controversy followed by relative calm and/or sympathy, and then repeated. They are smart enough to realize their 15 minutes will come to an end, so they are milking it for all it's worth right now. The next time you yell at the TV or text your friends about it, know that you have been used. Oh, and look for the introduction of a new "character" in the near future to shake things up even more" [BlindGossip]