Someone should really take Meghan McCain's Twitter away from her. Seriously, she's proven time and time again that she's too undisciplined and impulsive to handle it. Tonight she lashed out at Brian Williams for—-wait for it—-"bowing" to Obama!

The injustice happened tonight during the second part of NBC's Inside the Obama White House when Williams, saying goodbye to Obama at the end of an interview session, had the audacity to lower his head ever so slightly in a blatant act of deference to our Dear Leader. So Meghan McCain did what Meghan McCain does when she sees a gross injustice—-She tweets her rage, then quickly deletes it all once she realizes that she's acting like a ridiculous, bratty child, but that won't stop us from finding them buried deep inside Twitter's search engine, which doesn't delete anything!

Yes Meghan, we're convinced also that there's NO WAY Brian Williams or any journalist ever lowered their head to a Republican president, or your father for that matter, because it's, you know, an act of simple courtesy that human beings do for each other all the time.

And here's the scandalous video of Williams' gay liberal bow to the commie Obama, who just a few weeks ago bowed to the Saudi king, so clearly there's a pattern here that demonstrates that all of this is part of some left-wing plot to have Allah take over as supreme ruler of the country. Let us all now take off our shoes, turn in the direction of Mecca and bow as practice for what is sure to be a regular national ritual in the future.