Francis Ford Coppola is a big fat guy who sits in his California mansion, drinking wine and thinking up movie ideas. He is also an astute critic of marriage. His problem? If his wife works, who will cook and clean?

That's a dilemma he mulls in a new Village Voice interview, in which he says that he's tried for all 46 years of his marriage to figure out who will clean the house and make him all the roasted suckling meats he likes to gulp down with his wine if his wife is too busy doing art projects:

More difficult is my wife, because she has many ambitions and talents, but who's going to be my wife? Who's going to fix the house up and make it nice? It's more difficult with a wife because there becomes a job vacancy if your wife is going to go off and become an artist. Who's going to be the wife? We both need one. I'll do the cooking, but who's going to worry about the household and stuff? That's been a very big, frustrating aspect. I've been married 46 years, and it's never been resolved.

Take my wife, please. But leave the maid! Opposite marriage wins again.

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