So we got duped. Twice! Heidi and Spencer, the prats from The Hills who supposedly quit the horrid reality trash barge I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here!, haven't, in fact, been gotten outta there.

Yes, Heidi and Spencer's rep type person says they're still taping the show. So we guess this was some sour little stunt orchestrated by the pair, NBC, the producers, hosts Damien "Carson Daly's Sloppy Seconds" Fahey and the British lady, everyone. They never showed up at LAX draped in black cloaks! They never even stormed off set! Well, if they did, they still came right back. Even though NBC has them x'ed out on the show's website, we're sure there will be some grand surprise and they'll come shuffling back in, dumb grins on their faces. Which is all terribly annoying and embarrassing.

Really it mostly looks bad for NBC. We expect this kind of stupid stuntery from the reality couple. Their idea of clever is kicking you in the shins and then ten minutes later if you ask them, "Heidi, Spencer... did you guys kick me in the shins?" they giggle and say "Noooo..." So, whatever. But NBC! C'mon, guys. You used to be respectable. You used to mean something. That peacock ain't looking too proud these days, is it? Think about it. Your biggest summer stars are Heidi and Spencer from the goddamned Hills. Shame.