Half-Jewish, half-Korean White Nationalist Marcus Epstein, the Tom Tancredo PAC director who karate chopped a black woman in 2007, took a wonderful trip to Ethiopia, and wrote about it on his Facebook page.

He is disappointed in the Italians!

Mussolini took this during occupation of Ethiopia, and the the girly men who run Italy just gave it back. Viva Lega Nord.

But he is contemptuously complimentary of their primitive "art!"

It's no Sistine Chapel, but you know what Samuel Johnson said about a Dog walking on it's hind legs.

This guy's a treat. Also, WE HEAR he was spotted sporting a "pocket kerchief" while dining with a gentleman from the Dupont Circle Citizens' Association. Which, you know. We're not saying! We're just saying. (What we're saying is that all bigoted conservatives are secret homosexuals.)