The Huffington Post has been taking flack for not paying writers, but it's not so simple. Most bloggers aren't paid, but some are. On staff, there are paid interns, unpaid interns, and paying interns. It's all very complicated, but luckily we made you a chart.

HuffPo just shared some key details with Irin Carmon of Women's Wear Daily:

This year, The Huffington Post will have 22 interns... a number that approaches that of paid staff (about 35 in editorial, 60 on staff overall.) That includes one intern who paid at least $13,000 in a charity auction for the privilege.

...Half of these interns are being paid, a spokesman for the Huffington Post confirmed. The spokesman declined to say how much, calling the question "silliness."

It's not clear how publisher Arianna Huffington decides who to pay and who not to pay (we've asked and not yet heard back). But it's worth noting that some Huffington underlings have higher profiles than others. This year's staff, for example, includes former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's daughter (per WWD), as well as editor Nicholas Graham, of the family that owns the Washington Post.

Liz Hanks, daughter of actor Tom Hanks, has also worked for the site. And Huffington this year handed an important management role to her godson, heir to a computer fortune worth billions of dollars.

So if you're trying to get paid at Huffington's innovative new media game-changer, it might help to be born to the right parents, if you can pull that off.