Both rappers who are real and rappers who were on silly shows from the early-mid 90's are getting acting work in Hollywood. Plus TV stars of old and new get good news.

Curtis Jackson, aka rapping singer "Fifty Cents", keeps being in movies. His next one is about corrupt police officers and costars a crackerjack cast of Chris Klein, Adam Rodriguez, and Richard T. Jones. The film is being shepherded under the auspices of Jackson's new production house, called Cheetah Vision films. The company is also working on an adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde to costar Forest Whitaker. One hopes that means Jekyll & Hyde the Broadway musical. One really, really hopes. [Variety]

Lurking through television's seediest corners like some sort of hobo superhero, Brian Austin Green continues to pick up bizarre, vaguely depressing TV gigs. Fresh off the canceled (sniff) Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, ol' Davey Silver might join the cast of One Tree Hill for its seventh landmark season. He'd play a cocky, youngish sports agent named Clayton, because very few people on that show have normal names. [THR]

And let's just keep the good TV news coming. It was touch and go there for a while, because maybe America's kids just keep getting older or there was that invasive mouth surgery that was gonna happen just to see what the hell is really going on with that. But in the end, hope and dreams won out. The Disney Channel has ordered a fourth season of Miley Cyrus' beautiful show Hannah Montana. Billy Ray dances and chuckles at the moon. [Variety]

American charmer Alyssa Milano has signed on to star in the romantic comedy My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, which is probably a lot less kinky of a movie than it sounds. Considering Beau Bridges and Christopher Gorham are costars. [THR]

Richard Shepard has signed on to direct the film The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, which I think is about me right now because I just found out that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts thinks I owe them $800 in three-year-old taxes. Which is a lie! [THR]

Oh never mind, I'm happy again. A Where's Waldo? movie. Finally. [Variety]