Well, we've decided to liveblog Conan's debut as host of the Tonight Show. Why don't you join us and share your thoughts about the show in the comments?!

11:35—-And we're off!!! Love any shots of Conan running in a damn suit!

11:36—-Wrigley Field?!?!?! Hell yeah!

11:39—-Okay, that was cool. And the promos of him running on the beach make all the more sense now.

11:41—-Is there an open bar in the audience or something? Who are these people? Oh, yeah, it's LA!

11:42—-Andy!!! Who I can't look at anymore without thinking of that NBC exec who called him a "fat dildo."

11:44—-The first of a gazillion LA Clippers jokes delivered.

11:45—-Hillary wants to host the Tonight Show too?

11:47—-Yeah, it's funny because Joe Biden probably really said all of those things.

11:49—-Before I die, I need to take the Universal "tram tour."

11:50—-Is that Giovanni Ribisi on the "tram tour?"

11:51—-Please Conan, no more Octomom jokes. PLEASE!

11:56—-Opening segment verdict: Absolutely loved the skits. Conan seemed a bit tense to me in his monologue, but who could blame him? And there's an odd dynamic between he and Andy. Obviously, it's been years since they worked together, so it'll take some time to regain that chemistry, and it'll be interesting to see how they incorporate him into the show in the future.

11:57—-I'm really looking forward to seeing Pelham 123. More subway terror movies please!

11:59—-I should really be boozing more right now.

12:01—-Just admit Conan, you freaking hate Leno right now!

12:03—-I love it when Conan brings out the Taurus!

12:04—-Wait, a Taurus can have a sunroof?!?!

12:05—-Any skit featuring Billy Ocean music is a winner in my book.

12:07—-Not really giving a crap about Funny People. Not sure why.

12:10—-I'm sorry, I didn't see his show on Broadway, but if Will Ferrell wins a Tony, I'll be kinda pissed.

12:11—-And that entrance was lame. Sorry.

12:13—-Of course Twitter would get referenced somewhere in the show.

12:14—-Conan would have done so much better by having Don Rickles on as his first guest.

12:18—-"Liza is a commie" is very funny to me.

12:20—-When is someone going to make a remake of "Ultra Man?" Remember "Ultra Man?" It was a Japanese show dubbed into English for syndication...I LOVED that show!

12:22—-Anybody else ready for Pearl Jam?

12:24—-Okay, it's official, I'm kinda over Will Ferrell. His schtick is sort of tired.

12:25—-Opening show verdict so far: A little shaky when live. Skits were great. Timing on stage is a bit off, which is to be expected I guess. Everything will come together seamlessly soon enough.


12:31—-Best concert I've ever been to was Pearl Jam in New Orleans at Tad Gormley Stadium in 1995(?). That was when they were revolting against Ticketmaster and sold their own tix. Almost died that day, or thought I was going to, but it was so damn worth it.

12:32—-I'm kinda loving this "Got Some If You Need It" song...very classic PJ stuff. Eddie Vedder is such a badass, isn't he?!

12:33—-A friend just IMed me to say that all the guys in Pearl Jam were wearing "mom jeans." Agree?

12:35—-"Pepsi Max...Diet soda for men?!?!?!" FU Pepsi! How stupid do you think American men are? Wait, don't answer that!

12:36—-God, Andy Richter does kinda of have a "fat dildo" thing going on, doesn't he? Hopefully they'll find something for him to do soon. Tonight he was just there.

And this concludes tonight's Gawker Conan liveblog! YAAAY! See you in the comments.

UPDATE: Here's the pretty hilarious opening of the show...