James Coleman of Bristol, England became the "laughing stock of the office" after he got a black eye while using Twitter on the go. His humiliation could get so much worse than that. Coleman's story illustrates tidily what so many people hate about the microblogging service: Narcissistically documenting one's life all too often interferes with leading said life.

In Coleman's case, reality literally smacked him upside the head. He was jogging to work and tweeting on his BlackBerry when he cracked his skull against a low-hanging branch, according to the Daily Telegraph.

"One minute I was running along posting a tweet, the next I was lying on my back on the pavement in agony."The branch came out of nowhere and hit my face hard."

Coleman has suffered what the Telegraph calls Britain's first "twinjury." (Scoff all you like; that word has legs! Or, uh, wings, maybe.)

You can watch the fallout unfold on Coleman's Twitter stream:

Now UPI's picked up the story, and Coleman's fast on his way to becoming the poster boy for careless tweeters worldwide. Somebody had to do it!

(Pic: Daily Telegraph)