Our secretary of state is biding her time, waiting for just the right moment to strike, according to Richard Wolffe's book on the Obama campaign. And then, when we least expect it, she'll finally win the 2008 Democratic primary campaign. It's true!

Others in Obama's inner circle said the president-elect believed Clinton needed to demonstrate that she was a team player and to shape her own career and legacy. "There are plenty who don't trust her and think she still harbors something," said another senior adviser. "It's still potentially problematic down the road. Barack's thinking on this is that it's not in her interests to mess with us. She can't win that fight internally and she's smart enough that she won't want that fight publicly."

That is from the upcoming book Renegade: How Barack Obama Put an End to Hillary's Runnin' And She's So Far From Her Home, by the British guy who is on Olbermann a lot. And to be fair, it is an observation from before the inauguration. Since then everyone's been too busy to continue the hilarious campaign infighting.