Whoops! An eagle-eyed tipster spotted this today on the front door of Pete Wentz's East Village bar, Angels and Kings, which got smacked down with an NYPD closure. Looks like they were serving to minors.

An inside source notes that Angels and Kings was issued a third citation for serving to minors, so they've been shut down for three days. They also noted that their first two violations were previously thrown out in court, though, so the cops are - as they're wont to do with New York City bars - actually kind of just fucking with them. Sugar, they're going down swinging.

Last time this fair website heard from Wentz, he got all different kinds of pissed off and mad and upset when we posted a Gawker Stalker sighting of him. He blogged about it on his Tumblr, and we ran a pretty pie graph about what all of Pete Wentz's fans had to say to us!

Wentz, despite Twittering his whereabouts, was primarily concerned with the safety of his kid, who was with him and wife Ashley Simpson (along with their two-ton bodyguard, who probably doesn't stick out at all). And we can respect a guy who looks out for his kids, and who encourages his fans - mostly kids, too, we might add - to be concerned, too. But he's clearly not too concerned with anyone else's kids, or their drinking habits, which their parents might not approve of. Being a rock and roll parent: rough stuff. Bummer. On that note, Gawker Stalkers are encouraged to be more vigilant in reporting their sightings of Pete. We wouldn't want him spiking anybody else's punch. Sightings go here. Closeup of the notice here:

Oh, and related: if you've never been to Angels and Kings, Joshua Stein put it best when he noted that, upon opening, "our douche canary in our douche mineshaft keeled over and died." Which is everything you need to know about the place.