Aw. Tear. Hollie Steel, the tiny ten year-old aspiring ballerina/singer, broke down last night on her Britain's Got Talent semi-final round. She then came back to kick ass everywhere.

Hollie Steel - soon to be mortal enemy of Susan Boyle - was performing "Edelweiss" from "The Sound of Music" when she forgot the words and began to cry. The two Ryan Seacrest-esque British lackeys told her she was screwed and she began to cry some more. This is ridiculously sad and cute:

Generally cruel, mean, and hysterically well-manicured Simon Cowell, who's shown an admittedly softer side on Britain's Got Talent (and thus: his utter contempt for Americans), vetoed his producers' decision to not let her perform again. She then got on stage, and properly killed it.

Sure, Susan Boyle probably wouldn't have been given a do-over, the show's been accused of manufacturing drama, and Detective P*r*z has accused her of faking her crying. But I'm not cynical enough to accuse her of any of those things, or maybe I just want the wool pulled over my eyes on this one. And even if she did fake the crying: good for her! The kid's got talent and guile. Win-win.

Meanwhile, the good action on the books has little Hollie at a 16:1 bet. I will not be your bookie at tips [at] gawker [dot] com, nor will I take PayPal or cold, hard cash as very acceptable forms of payment.