The more we get the feeling that Arthur Kade, Philly's Zoolanderesque parody of himself, is actually a performance artist exploring the nature of assholery, the more we want to believe that he is real. As real as the "When Harry Met Sally" dialogue he practiced for "an astounding 12 hours."

When I want to "Wow" people, then I put my mind to prepping for something, and then watch out. I was on a mission this week to give an amazing complete rendition of the "When Harry Met Sally" dialogue that I spent an astounding 12 hours practicing, and it showed. I knew the lines backwards and forwards, and when I gave it during class, I knew that it was almost movie quality.

Really? Are we really to believe this guy exists in the wild. We want to. We want to so.

I get emails everyday about how inspiring "The Journey" is from all over the world, and how amazing I look and act.

Sometimes I feel like people only see how fabulous my life is, and forget that I deal with many of the same problems they do. I said to one of my good friends last week, "If you prick me, do I not bleed?" The difference is that I am willing to put it on a public forum, and show people that even greatness comes with a price.

We beg you: do not break our hearts with some "big reveal" of your performance art project, Arthur Kade. Just turn out to be you. The world needs monsters.

[This fucking guy]