In your flammin' Friday media column: Lola Ogunnaike's out of a job, the LAT's web editor's into a job, a WSJ writer brings da ruckus, and the secret newspaper meeting was not a secret we swear so don't ask any more about it or else:

Lola Ogunnaike used to be an entertainment and trend story reporter for the NYT, but she left for the glam world of CNN in 2007 (she also once guest-hosted The View, thoroughly pissing off her own paper!). Now she's out at CNN. Her contract isn't being renewed. Lola, there's always room back at the NYT for a good fake trend story writer. Also Alex Clark, the first female editor of Granta, has resigned after less than a year on the job. Must have been really bad.

New York Times Co. chairman Michael Golden was at the secret newspaper conspiracy meeting outside of Chicago yesterday, and he can assure you that it was not, in fact, a secret. Not at all. Then when E&P asked him what they talked about there he wouldn't say, nor would the head of the AP nor would the head of Advance papers. Not a secret at all.

Ha, the guy who used to run the LA Times' website is now running the official website of the LA County Supervisor. Which hopefully pays more?

For no particular reason, a dude named Sam Schulman wrote an op-ed in the WSJ today calling Edmund Andrews, Jeff Goldberg, and David Denby a bunch of pussies. We admire his spunk.