You there, in the suit. Why don't you change into some cashmere and twill before heading up to the Soho House? Because, um, you have to. The posh British pool club and society dump has instituted a No Suit rule, in an effort to keep finance asshats out.

You know, those finance asshats like bankers who ruined the party for everyone by turning their music up way too loud and blowing out the speakers. In fact, these poor souls not only can't wear their precious tailored garments to the hotspot, but they actually can't even get in anymore.

Back in March, the club's owners decided not to renew bankers' memberships, in the hopes of returning to their "artsy" roots. You know, the club should be for those creative types:

We recently celebrated our fifth anniversary and want to make sure we are staying true to our creative roots. We are not pinpointing specific industries, but want to make sure that our members are great creative types. In addition, members who are not respecting the House or our staff are not likely to have their memberships renewed. We are happy to have less members, and if the place is not so busy, that's totally fine.

Ah yes. Those creative types who can all afford $1,400 a year to swim with annoying fellow New Yorkers.

We live in a vacuum! That's why it sucks so much.