Well this is almost refreshing—-A clip from Glenn Beck's daily clownshow where the centerpiece clown is someone not named Glenn Beck. Who could it possibly be? Television's Coach Hayden Fox, naturally!

Where exactly Beck dug up Craig T. Nelson to appear on his show is anyone's freaking guess, but good golly is he pissed! He's sick and tired, SICK AND TIRED, of having his money taken from him to pay for the things that he thinks that he doesn't directly benefit from. Stupid bailouts! He's a "fiscally responsible grandfather" dammit!

But the most baffling thing of all about this clip is about midway through, after he's fully launched into a tirade over the government taking his money to pay for things he doesn't approve of, Nelson makes this statement:

"I've been on food stamps and welfare. Did anybody help me out? No!"

Go ahead, YOU figure that one out. I sure as hell can't. And if you do, please, PLEASE, share the answer with me. I'll be waiting.

And just a reminder, you're a traitor if you refuse to risk losing your life to fight in a ridiculously misguided war your country engages in, but you're a patriot if you refuse to pay your taxes so some poor slob and his family don't get put on the street when their home gets foreclosed by the bank. Just never forget that, okay?!