We invited 100 commenters to our roof deck last week to celebrate the season finales of Starz's new shows, Head Case and Party Down, and one of our brand new glass tables wound up in pieces. The grisly details after the jump.

In honor of Party Down, the wait staff was decked in pink bow ties and drunk most of the evening. Because that just wasn't synergistic enough for us, we also hired (read: forced) commenter-cum-columnist Rod Townsend (anyone remember Past Over?) to act as a commenter shrink for the evening, a la Head Case. The guests ate, drank, and also managed to shatter a glass table. Truthfully, there was much debate over replacing the glass with Plexiglass before the party, but we didn't actually think someone would put their foot through the table. Lesson learned. You people are animals and all need professional help (that's what Rod was for, natch).

Video proof courtesy of Chris Person, photos from Antwan Duncan and Nick McGlynn.