Horndog scientists are studying sexual sex fantasies of men and women and they've come to some startling conclusions: We all want to be dominated like dirty animals. But only if you want us for our sexiness!

See, in old and unenlightened times, people had crazy theories that only women liked to be dominated, and they liked it because they were masochists and liked pain and whatnot. Not so, say modern fucking researchers!

Both men and women like fantasies of being dominated. And furthermore, "the socially dominant women especially enjoyed fantasies of submission. But WHY? One theory, from a science person:

"If these fantasies instead reflect a passionate exchange with a powerful, resource-holding, and attentive suitor, then through them the dominant woman could reinforce her high standing in the group and her favorable opinion of herself."

Basically they're saying the ladies want to feel so freaking sexy that men just cannot resist them. Come to think of it this is also how men want to feel. Sexy scientists agree with you!
[Psychology Today. Pic via]