Today we have a Broadway star who woos ladies with indecent pictures, a rock and roll grrl who likes 'em younger and female, a bitchy hat-wearing actress (we all know who she is), and a drugged-out British model.

1) "Which Great White Way star tries to rock girls he's crushing on by sending them X-rated photos of himself?" [NYDN]

2) "Which female rocker, who was once married to a famous old-school singer, now has a penchant for young girls?" [Mirror]

3) "This movie actress is B list for sure. All of you know who she is. Mainstream popcorn movie leads and art house leads as well. I would say our married mother has A list name recognition. Anyway, our actress bought a hat. Not some cheap Avril Lavigne looking trucker hat, but a hat which actually costs money. Serious money. I think we should all be shocked that she actually paid for the hat in the first place. Well, for three months straight she wore that hat everywhere she went. Then after three months she went to the store and told them she didn't like it and wanted a full refund of her money. This was even though it had makeup on it, had her hair plastered in it and was obviously well worn. Even though the designer of the hats would have loved her endorsement he told her to take a hike. Nice." [CDaN]

4) "Which notorious British druggie model who failed to attend an international photo shoot earlier this month cited 'fear of swine flu' as her reason for not getting on the plane? In fact she was bundled off for a few days of emergency detox." [BlindGossip]