Yahoo's delightfully potty-mouthed CEO dropped another one of her famous F-bombs on the Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher at the D conference today. The Journal's been promoting the incident online, but can't seem to bring itself to air video of the cussing.

The headline "Carol Bartz, Live and Uncensored" topped video of the Yahoo CEO's comments on All Things D, the Journal tech website, extending interest in the f-bomb that began when on of its reporters reported the incident on Twitter. The accompanying article referenced Bartz's "much-anticipated f-bomb." Yet the curse had been mysteriously excised from the video.

The paper quickly heard from aggrieved bloggers (including this one, although we weren't too aggrieved — we've seen plenty of Bartz's cursing elsewhere) . All Things D writer Peter Kafka urged patience:

Several hours later, the logistical problem had not been resolved. But the Journal insists it will, and attached a note to its original video to that effect:

But the interest in the "fucking" clip (ahem!) only illustrated the power of Bartz's salty talk, which listeners tend to equate with forthrightness. Her comments, blunt words and all, seem to have gone over well at D and perhaps even turned the Yahoo chief into a full-fledged Valley character ("I'm sorry we're starting late — Carol Bartz just trashed my hotel room," Swisher would later joke).

We have to hand it to Bartz: Any executive who can stage-whisper "fuck you" to a WSJ reporter and come out on top is handling herself admirably.

The more spirited non f-bomb moments of the Bartz-Swisher exchange are excerpted in the video above. We'll update if and when f-bomb video becomes available.