Staff favorite Tom McGeveran has been named the *interim* successor to departing New York Observer editor Peter Kaplan. Hopefully the paper lasts long enough for him to become the full-time successor.

McGeveran has held virtually every job there is to hold at the Observer, from copy editor to reporter to deputy editor to editor of the website. Everyone there seems to love him. Even Jared Kushner?

"One thing I admire about Jared Kushner is that he is willing to trust this enterprise enough to continue to fund it when this entire industry is falling apart," said Mr. McGeveran.

Quite! And we sincerely hope he continues to do so, although the signs are not completely promising. The alternate to McGeveran would presumably be a big-name outside editor at a higher price, so McGeveran has that going for him. Good luck to you, sir.
[NYO via The Awl. Pic: Flickr]