The gossipeuse and the leather strop you saw dining at a not-so-good Mexican restaurant in Murray Hill the other day were actually famous people. Yes you spotted them, and they were grand doyenne Liz Smith and a Real Housewife of New York, the ruined Kelly Killoren Bensimon.

Between the sizzlin' fajitas and fun-time 'ritas, Kells and Liz managed to have a serious conversation about how it's everyone's fault but Kelly's that she came off like a hideous beast on her first (and, one hopes, last) season of the Bravo reality gurgle.

I am an aspirational kind of girl. The "Housewives" show was an opportunity for me. In only three months, however, I became a household name, a favorite of Page Six and all the tabloid magazines. They see me as a bitchy socialite, a bad girl from the Country Club set. But the hardest thing in life is to be true to oneself. And I have a great family backing me up – an older sister, a twin brother and my parents in Illinois.

Which, OK.

1) She is not a household name. I mean, maybe in her own household. Like, her kids know her name. So maybe that's what she meant.
2) A "bad girl from the Country Club set" implies that she's interesting, when in fact she's just dumb and boring. I would kill (almost literally) for a "bad girl from the Country Club set" to be on RHoNYC. But Kelly Beensomeone is not that character. Even if she tries to convince us for thirty-five agonizing minutes that she is.

Anyway, tin Lizzie found out that we were watching her:

Kelly and I sat down in my apartment building in the celebrated El Rio Grande restaurant for a chat and by two o'clock PM the same afternoon, with nobody on our side calling in, we turned up on as lunching and "having a business meeting." There wasn't much business to it; just two longtime girlfriends chatting.

Ah yes! Two longtime girlfriends chatting, no business aloud!, and then later the conversation ends up on an old lady website. America, ladies and gentlemen.

So, everybody laughs.