You want a powerful opening statement, bitches? "In the annals of stupid ideas, this has got to be the worst. Ever." Ever! What is sex fiend columnist Andrea Peyser talking about? Something everyone else thought was a good idea:

NYC closed down Times Square to cars. It's for the people now! Andrea Peyser despises the people.

Yesterday, as New Yorkers dragged themselves back to work, they found cheap beach chairs thrown into the middle of Times Square, replacing buzzing, honking, vehicular traffic with gas-producing tourists, who really ought to lay off the Starbucks venti chocolate mint frappuccinos, anyway.

She just thinks it's dumb, okay? And stupid as well. It attracts foreigners, for one thing:

I spied a group of fit, tanned men smoking up a lung, and immediately determined they were from Europe.

"It's very, very inviting," said Bertjam Van Der Molen, a tourist from Holland.

"We have a four-hour layover in Newark," he said. "Enough time to come over here" — and stink us out.

You close Times Square to traffic for one day and what happens? A motherfucker from Holland comes out and smokes a cigarette right there, in Times Square. Hope you're happy, Hollandaise-swilling surrender monkeys.
There was no hot teen sex to be had, either.