If you don't follow the denim industry closely you could be forgiven for thinking that world has gone crazy. Levi's, the Americanest jeans you can possibly buy without a flag sewn on them somewhere, is publicly endorsing gay marriage. The gays have literally wrapped themselves around George W. Bush's butt!

After eight years of Republicans we have a knee-jerk reaction that this sort of thing should be incredibly controversial. But then we wake up, shake off the nightmare, and bask in the knowledge that Levi's has loved the gays for quite a while. They're based in San Francisco! They had Perez Hilton dancing in an ad campaign! They sponsored shows on gay network Logo! And in the latest move in support of the homosexual agenda, Levi's is displaying so-called "white knots" in their stores, which signal to those "in the know" that they support gay marriage and who knows what else.

Yes, gay people buy a lot of jeans, but there's more to it than that. It's somehow comforting to live in a world where the most standard, default maker of plain old jeans is vocally supportive of gay rights. This could have been much worse. We could be talking about Wrangler. Standing up for hipster photo shoots. And French existentialists. That's not American.
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