Well won't you lookee here! Now the truth has been revealed about why Barack Obama loves Sonia Sotomayor so dang much—-She's a pinko socialist just like he is, as evidenced by her quoting a six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America in the 1976 Princeton yearbook.

Steven Waldman at Beliefnet cold busted the White House press office distributing the image of Sotomayor quoting Norman Thomas, "the leading American Socialist politician of the 20th century," in the little gay press packet they compiled on their SCOTUS nominee. The quote itself—-"I am not a champion of lost causes, but of causes not yet won."—-and the thinking behind the White House's inclusion of it in its press materials left Waldman flummoxed, which then led him to doing some serious speculating.

"Perhaps they figured it would come out eventually so they wanted to be able to say, 'That's old news. We thought it was so inconsequential, we mentioned it ourselves.' Or perhaps they felt that substantively didn't matter; Norman Thomas was a pretty mainstream figure, as socialists went. Or perhaps they didn't notice."

Yeah, or perhaps the White House planted it there knowing that it'd send the wingnuts into a hysterical frenzy, thereby distracting the sane wing of the party, what little there is left of it anyway, from forming any sort of cogent opposition to Sotomayor, making them all look like rabid fools in the process, just as they have each and every time they've tried to throw the socialist card on Obama in the past?

Then again, maybe Obama's just so confident in his nominee that he doesn't care about trivial horseshit like her quoting a socialist over 30 years ago in her college yearbook?

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